Rupert & Sally | Te Maru Farm | New Zealand

A trip to New Zealand, doesn’t that sound great right now?

Being house bound during a global pandemic is really no fun! We would really rather be travelling the world right now and getting to capture incredible weddings just like Rupert & Sally’s so we thought we would post their amazing celebration to transport ourselves and everyone else to somewhere magical.

As you might know, destination weddings and the desire to to travel and see the world, was possibly the biggest drive behind us starting AndStory roughly 10 years ago.
Today our hearts are filled with gratitude looking back over the 20 odd international shoots we did. Believe me, we really feel the gap in our lives but we have also had time to really take stock and value how much we’ve grown from these experiences. “Your world is only as big as you’ve travelled”

Rupert and Sally’s wedding was possibly one of our biggest bucket list destinations! Their wedding was held at Te Maru Farm a few kilometres south of New Plymouth in New Zealand.

New Zealand is magical, to say the least. The people were so friendly and incredibly accommodating, reminding us of South Africa in so many ways.

The couple planned their weekend celebration with the the utmost attention to detail assuring quality time for each and every guest.

On the day of their ceremony, despite the classic misty and drizzly New Zealand weather, both Rupert and Sally were taking every moment as it unfolded, focused on their celebration of love!

Their rustic barn style reception ensured a relaxed atmosphere and their open bar caravan was a recipe for a seriously good party and some epic dancing!

Thank you, Rupert and Sally, for an incredible experience and the big honour of trusting us with the responsibility to document your memories for generations to come.