Luisa & Tristan | Couple Shoot | Berlin

Louisa & Tristin-10

It seemed like the most serendipitous event that we could do such a naturally captivating couple shoot in the cultural capital of Germany. Luisa & Tristan are a gorgeous couple from South Africa residing in Berlin, and gave us a tour of life as a true Berliner. The shoot was done around the city, which is almost halfway made up of rivers, waterways, woods and green areas. This makes Berlin the greenest city in Germany, and creates a very strong allure to those visiting.

We loved the way Berlin was built up after the war, not hiding the scars but integrating it into their new architectural designs. We think this contributes to the unique creative energy that makes Berlin so special. Luisa and Tristan’s chemistry and romance was charming, and it was a great privilege to capture such perfect moments of your love.

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